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Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version For Android Download 2017 - [OFFICIAL]

Latest Version of Whatsapp Plus Apk For Android Download

Whatsapp plus apk if you're here you probably want to download Whatsapp plus latest version for android. Don't worry here you will get the latest version of Whatsapp plus apk. As in my last article I've shared GBwhatsapp latest version download. If you want to download that you can check that out as well but if you just want to download and install Whatsapp plus apk just download from below.

Why Use Whatsapp Plus for Android?

whatsapp plus apk download 2016
whatsapp plus apk download 

That is the obvious question to ask that why you need to use Whatsapp plus instead of official WhatsApp app which almost everyone is using. The simple answer is because of features that you've got in Whatsapp plus. There are lots of features in Whatsapp Plus which is not available in Official Whatsapp application. Let's just have a look at some of the advanced features that you get when you download Whatsapp Plus apk 2017.

  1. Hide Last seen blue ticks and second tick: Yes that is one of the best feature that you get in Whatsapp plus apk that you can off last seen blue ticks and double ticks easily.
  2. Lock Individual chat/conversions in Whatsapp: Yes, You can easily hide or lock individual chat or conversions without any third-party app you'll get this inbuilt in Whatsapp Plus.
  3. Copy Anyone else's Whatsapp Status: Yes, In Whatsapp Plus app 2017 la test version you can easily copy someone else's Whatsapp status and set as your own status easily.
  4. Custom Themes & Styles: There're lots of different themes and styles available in Whatsapp plus that you can use and you can even customize them as you like and you can share that with your friends as well.
  5. Status Limit Increased: Yes, In Whatsapp Plus status limit is increased to 255 characters which are not possible in the official app.
  6. Send High-Quality Pictures in Whatsapp: Yes, Whatsapp plus mod apk allows you to send and receive images in High quality without loosing quality.
  7. Always Online In Whatsapp: Yes, in this there is the feature which allows you to stay online in WhatsApp even if you're offline which is kind of cool feature to trick your friends. :)
  8. Change Whatsapp Icon: yes, In Whatsapp plus apk you can change Whatsapp launcher icon color and style as you like which is a really cool feature.
  9. Send Any File on Whatsapp: In Whatsapp plus apk for android you can share any type of file which is not supported in original Whatsapp application which makes this app very useful.
There are other lots of advantages and features in Whatsapp Plus apk which is not available in the official app. So, now don't wait anymore just download and Install Whatsapp Plus app for android 2016

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk v6.0 Latest Version 2017

So, Finally, you've decided to download and install Whatsapp plus latest version for android. To download Whatsapp Plus apk just click on below button. Once you click that button it will take you to download page from where you can get Whatsapp plus latest version apk.

How To Install Whatsapp Plus

I hope you've already downloaded Whatsapp Plus apk from above. If not please first of all download and that after following these below step to install this app on your android phone.

  • Before installing Whatsapp plus you need to uninstall official Whatsapp app from your phone but before that, you need to take a backup, So, that we can upload that backup to Whatsapp Plus. By going to Settings >> Chat Setting >> Chat Backup
  • Now once you have done with backup now you can uninstall Official Whatsapp app from your phone. So, Now uninstall that from your phone.
  • Now Install Whatsapp Plus apk on your phone.
  • Once You Whatsapp Plus installed on your phone open it and as we verify our account with the  phone number in Whatsapp do the same.
  • Now upload old backup in Whatsapp Plus.
  • Now enjoy WhatsApp Plus :)

Android Permissions Required by Whatsapp Plus

  • Allow to Background Tasks Kill 
  • Allow Local Internet Access 
  • Access Your Location Using Maps, GPS 
  • Access Require To Access Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, NFC, Microphone 
  • Access to Gmail Account, Send SMS 
  • Access to Read Contact List, 
  • Access External Storage Access 
  • Access to Audio Settings Recording Audio, Vibration for notification

Does Whatsapp Plus Need Root Access to My Android Device?

As we've already mentioned that our WhatsApp plus apk don't require any root access. But let me clear one doubt root access means nothing harmful it's simply mean that you're allowing Android kernel to work with full hardware resources which require by some high-end applications like Games etc. This WhatsApp plus mod apk don't need root level access to your Android device because there is nothing to do with the rooted Android phone. So, don't worry you don't need to root your Android device to use this WhatsApp plus reborn apk for Android. just download it and allow about permissions and use it.

Can I use Whatsapp Plus on iPhone IOS & Windows Smartphones?

No, at this time Whatsapp plus apk for Android is only available because as we know Apple is very strict about security and they don't allow third party unverified apps to be installed on their devices and currently, developers are working on Windows development to develop WhatsApp plus apk for windows phones. So, In near future, you were able to use Whatsapp plus on your windows & Ios devices as well.

Final Words:

I hope that you've successfully installed Whatsapp Plus on your android phone. If you face any issue while downloading Whatsapp plus apk on your phone and installing please let me know in the comment section below I'll help you for sure. Don't forget to visit HR Tricks for more such apps and games etc. 

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